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Together, let's work for a better world

Philia Foundation is a Swiss-registered charity. Founded in 2017 as an independent philanthropic arm of Philia Group, we focus on tackling development issues related to access to education and healthcare in Africa. We support projects, which are planned, implemented and evaluated in close collaboration with charitable associations and/or non-governmental organisations.

Our key strength lies in our direct involvement in each project on the ground. Since its inception in 2017, the Foundation has led and supported projects in Central African Republic, Congo-Brazzaville, Kenya, Morocco, Niger, and Senegal. 

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Our core values 


We conduct our activities in an independent, fair, trustworthy and honest manner.


We are responsible stewards of the Foundation’s assets. 



We aim to bring about positive, significant and sustainable change in the lives of unprivileged people. 



We value relationships, team work and community involvement as fundamental to achieving our goals. 

Our philosophy 

Keep it real and sustainable.

Look for projects that can make difference and involve people on the ground to keep the project going.


Lead by example, when people feel they are making difference, they are keen to participate.


Start with small wins and make them last over time. 

The African dream

One pen seems nothing but it can change a life.

Check out our founder's interview to discover more about the Philia point of view. As our founders, we sincerely hope that one day the world will assist us in realizing the African dream!

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