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Public Health Projects, Regional Hospital and Health Clinic Thies, Senegal

In collaboration with the Regional Hospital in Thies, Philia Foundation put in place a dedicated programme of key services required by the hospital, including in the areas of ophthalmology, ENT, visceral surgery, neurosurgery, urology, gynecological surgery, orthopedic surgery and maternity care. 213 patients in total were treated free of charge as a result of the programme.

As part of this dedicated programme, the following steps were designed and followed:

Step 1: Patient selection was done at the level of all surgical departments

Step 2: Health checks were carried out. Blood tests of the selected patients were updated with the help of the biomedical laboratory team

Step 3: Pre-Anaesthesiologist visits took place

Step 4: Programming of the operating days was carried out due to the very limited number of operating rooms at the hospital

In addition, Philia Foundation provided the hospital’s pharmacy with 184 drug kits for the operating theatre.

To replicate the successful model of the Thiès Regional Hospital, a new project was launched to build a health clinic in the Keur Mame El Hadji district. The clinic will provide such essential services as general consultations, care for diabetic patients, as well as services of obstetrician (including during childbirth), pediatrician, and radiologist, in addition to lab work and minor operations.

The Clinic's space before.


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