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SOS Cancer, Health Center, Niamey, Niger

The project, which is a collaboration with SOS Cancer association in Niger, targets cervical and breast cancer prevention and treatment. The main objective of SOS Cancer in Niamey is to increase access to cervical and breast cancer screening and improve technical support of local public health establishments.

In one month, 343 women can be screened at the SOS Cancer Health Center in Niamey. This number is increased to 1080 as more women can be screened in the regions outside Niamey thanks to the mobile medical bus. The Centre treats pre-cancerous cervical lesion cases and provides annual monitoring thereafter. Patients with advanced cervical cancer are provided with palliative care. Breast cancer tumours are treated at the Centre, including some with chemotherapy.

Plans for 2019 include installation of 2 screening rooms, provision of material for a colonoscopy room and a pre-cancerous lesion surgery room and an extensive training, education and prevention programme.


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