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Philia Foundation is a Swiss-registered charity.
Founded in 2017 as an independent philanthropic arm of Philia Group, we focus on tackling development issues related to access to education and healthcare in Africa. We support projects, which are planned, implemented and evaluated in close collaboration with charitable associations and/or non-governmental organisations.


The idea of creating a charitable foundation initially developed in my mind almost 40 years ago. 


Therefore, when the chance arose to establish a charitable association in Geneva, I took advantage of this opportunity and began my journey to begin to give back, in many different ways, what I was so fortunate to have received. I decided, at the time of the inception of the Geneva foundation, to focus on support for women and children, for quite different reasons.

Quite simply, my experience provided me the belief that women must be supported, because they represent fundamental pillars of the family and children because they are the future of Africa


We started with MORYNA, our caritative association, and later to transformed it into a foundation, when we had achieved the necessary resources. 

Thence was born PHILIA FOUNDATION.

I wanted this structure, acting in health and education, to comply with Swiss obligations in terms of governance, with a Board of Directors, an Executive Director and a dedicated team so that the actions carried out were always organized and supported by a thoughtful and positive management. The primary objective was that the maximum help in whatever form, financial, aid or educational goes to those who need it the most.

I cannot express the importance of this mission to me and the gratitude and thanks to all of you, who have, directly or indirectly, provided their care, support and contribution, from the beginning to this day, for the successful achievements of our mission.

J.P. Amvame

The opposite of poverty
is not wealth.
The opposite of
poverty is



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Dr Zouheir Bichra

Support to Morocco earthquake

As the first partner of the Human Haouz collective, initiated by Dr Zouheir Bichra and Habib Oualidi, Philia Foundation carried out actions directly in the field and took part in an event in Amiens, France, the profits from which went directly to the victims of the earthquake in Morocco.

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Contribute to a better world

Would you like to make a donation or contribute to Philia Foundation's humanitarian projects? Send us your message via the form below. We will contact you.

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